Suspected drug money found in cheese

An unexpected find for a Douglas County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit Wednesday. Chief Deputy Marty Bilek says the unit stopped a semi for a traffic violation near 180th and “Q” Streets. Deputies searched the rig after they became suspicious of the load.
“There was about $1.2-million hidden in the back of the truck. The truck was otherwise loaded with pallets of exotic cheeses.”
Bileksays there were two people inside the semi with suspicious backgrounds.
“The occupants of the truck were not arrested at this time but they do have ties to El Salvador and are former members of the M-S 13 drug gang as well.”
Bilek says the Sheriff’s Department has made a total of three similar discoveries in the past week.
“This is our third money seizure in the last seven days. The first one was for $320 thousand. The second one was for $100-thousand and this one $1.2-million.”