Sponsors not sure about future of school centralization bill (Audio)

The public education subcommittee of the South Carolina House has been discussing plans from Anderson County Republican Don Bowen, which would centralize finance, personal and procurement operations in public schools, which he says would save $160 million dollars statewide.
But Bowen says he’s not sure about the future of the legislation, due to the power of local school administrators and officials. Greenville County Republican Bill Wylie, a member of the House K-12 Education Committee is enthusiastic about the concept.¬† Wylie says process centralization is not to be confused with consolidation, which would involve closing schools.
(Wylie on centralization  MP3  3:55)
Wylie on centralization

Bowen has also introduced legislation  to allow school districts to save on architectural costs of building schools by using plans which would be owned by the state. Bowen says the state has spent $212 million in architectural plans in less than three years. Bowen says considering financing those costs over decades, that amounts to $1.8 billion dollars.