SC Senate passes 24-hour abortion bill (Audio)

The South Carolina Senate passed legislation requiring women to wait at least a day after they have an ultrasound before they are allowed to get an abortion. The wait time is currently one hour. The bill is expected to receive final passage then goes back to the House. The House passed it last year.
But the Senate amended the legislation to allow ultrasounds to be given by crisis pregnancy clinics. The measure would eliminate the need for a woman to make two trips to have an abortion, especially important for those living in rural areas where transportation may be an issue.
Orangeburg Democrat Brad Hutto worked out a compromise with Anderson Republican Kevin Bryant and because of the compromise the debate time was limited to only 30 minutes.  Hutto said the need for the amendment was brought to their attention by the hospital association.  Both Hutto and Pickens County Republican Larry Martin said that they had each had medically required abortions in their families.
(Hutto, Martin on abortions MP3  1:47)
Hutto, Martin on abortion amendment
Another lawmaker brought up the point that physicians don’t always agree on the viability of a fetus, so a waiting period is important.