Four hour debate leads to passage of abortion information bill

A bill that would require an abortion doctor to fully screen the patient and fully explain the risks before performing an abortion on a patient is being passed on first round in the legislature. The Women’s Health Protection Act was brought by Senator Cap Dierks of Ewing who says he has talked with women who later in life regret their decision and has seen studies that show many women felt forced into the procedure. Senator Danielle Conrad of Lincoln says the bill is nothing more than another obstacle for women.

“So the only conclusion that we can take is that this is nothing but a backdoor attempt to increase the time that women will have to be at their health clinics, that doctors are going to have to utilize to jump through these hoops.”

The bill also brought discussion on the legislature not passing a bill that would have provided money for prenatal care for undocumented women. The bill was pulled because it was believed there was not enough support to override a gubernatorial veto.