Clyburn concerned about "lack of civility" and threats

Congressman Jim Clyburn was front and center in the national media Wednesday saying “Silence is consent” when it comes to threats made against House members and overall what he calls a “lack of civility” in the wake of the health bill passage.
“There’s something else going on here that’s churning up people for other activities down the road. Look, we’re going to soon be getting to dealing to this issue of immigration, and I’m afraid that if we don’t tap this down now that controversial issue could very well generate something that could lead to some catastrophic events.”
Clyburn appeared on major news networks Wednesday after House members asked for extra security after a brick was thrown through a district office.  A gas line was cut at the home of a Congressional member’s family.  Clyburn continues to say he is disturbed by the tone of discourse – including Sarah Palin’s use of rifle sight cross hairs to target Democrat districts on her Facebook.
“This stuff is beyond the pale, and they need to stop this because, I can tell you, I’ve seen how these things escalate. People out there in the streets get their signals, or what they think are their signals, from the people in positions like we hold.”
Clyburn says this is too reminiscent of the language he heard in the sixties.He says there is nothing in the health care bill that has not been introduced by Republicans before: “Accept for Medicaid expansion in our plan and the absence of medical malpractice, they are exactly the same things. This plan is so close to Bob Dole’s plan, it ain’t funny.”
Opponents contend that those are big differences. James Clyburn appeared on Fox, MSNBC and CNN. State Attorney General Henry McMaster is taking on Congress in a lawsuit filed by 13 states, calling the bill unconstitutional.