City worker hit by car

An Omaha city worker is recovering after being hit by a car near 32nd and Vinton Wednesday. Street Maintenance Supervisor Fred Thole says 23 year old Kevin Goldman was filling potholes when the SUV hit him.
“The person driving the care came over the curb and struck him and sent him head over heels with some fairly good injuries.”
Thole says unfortunately, these accidents happen more often than you may think.
“This is the third accident we have had in the last eight weeks. We had two incidents where drivers ran into our equipment and then this one here where they actually hit an individual.”
Thole says this is an important reminder that when you see road construction crews, slow down and be ready for anything.
“It is very deceiving when you are driving down the road. Sometimes we look like we are stopped and we are not and sometimes it looks like we are moving and we are not. But anytime you see an orange truck they need to slow down.”
The driver of the SUV, 31 year old Bernardo Pedraza also hit a van. He took off on foot and Omaha police caught up to him a short time later. He is facing a number of charges including driving under the influence of drugs, felony hit and run and having no driver’s license.