Ashford: No chance of prenatal debate

Omaha Senator Brad AshfordThere is no chance that a debate on prenatal care will happen this year for undocumented women who are pregnant. That’s what Omaha State Senator Brad Ashford is telling us. Members of the philanthropic community from Omaha came forward with an offer of three million dollars to help the women. The Governor said no to accepting the money so that a federal match could be applied for.
“I was overjoyed to get the $3 million dollar offer.  I thought we had a shot at being able to provide prenatal care at least this year.   It just didn’t come together….now we’ve run out of time.”
Ashford said the Governor is remaining firm on his decision not to provide aide to illegal immigrants. Ashford says an interim study will be conducted to determine how big the problem is of undocumented women not being able to afford prenatal care.