Sentencing reform goes to full SC Senate (Audio)

The Judiciary Committee of the South Carolina Senate passed a prison sentencing reform bill Tuesday. The package now goes to the full Senate. The legislation has been led by Darlington County Democrat Gerald Malloy and Lexington County Republican Jake Knotts.
Knotts says the Omnibus Crime Reduction and Sentencing Reform Act would put more non-violent offenders on house arrest.  He says too many prisoners and a log jam in the court system are bad news for the state’s budget.
(Knotts on prison reform bill  MP3  1:29)
Knotts on prison reform bill
Knotts adds that effective court and prison systems increase the public’s safety.   He says in this age, not everyone who commits any crime has to go to prison, yet the state can still maintain control of them, without the expense.  Knotts says the days are over of probation officers being baby sitters who have to ask the parolees questions about their location, and the state needs to fully use the available technology.