Here’s the top on a Bob Priddy story at Missourinet.com this morning:

“An unprecedented day in state government ends with more than 50 ideas for streamlining state government and making it more cost-efficient. The idea that the entire senate would forego almost an entire day of debate to consider public comments, agency recommendations, and legislative proposals to let state government survive giant budget cuts was unheard of until a few days ago.

But for the better part of seven hours, eight four-senator committees looked into cutting costs. Two themes seemed to flow through all of the recommendations: eliminating unnecessary boards and commissions, and consolidation and cooperation in the field of education.

One group suggested a two-thousand cut in the prison inmate population by getting the right mix of inmates.. Other groups called for an overhaul of the tax credit program, reshaping social programs, even prohibiting drunk or drugged drivers from suing the transportation department for some crashes.”

Bob’s story includes audio report of all eight special Rebooting Missouri committees.

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