Health care signing Tues., Clyburn says it's the "law of the land" (Audio)

South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, says the health care bill is now the law of the land.
President Obama is scheduled to sign the health care bill Tuesday during a White House ceremony.
Clyburn says in his congressional district, 14,000 small businesses will receive insurance credits if they provide insurance coverage for their employees.
The Medicare Part D coverage gap or “donut hole” as it’s called is the difference of the initial coverage limit at $3000 and the catastrophic coverage threshold, around $5200, as described in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. After a Medicare beneficiary surpasses the prescription drug coverage limit, the beneficiary is responsible for the entire cost of prescriptions until the expense reaches the catastrophic coverage threshold.
Clyburn says the bill’s passage has made history. He talks about the history behind similar legislation.

“It was first introduced to the country by Republican President Theodore Roosevelt 97 years ago.  President Truman called on Congress 60 years ago.  Every president since has tried to implement some plan.”   

Senate Republicans, led by South Carolina’s Jim Demint, say they will try to repeal the health care bill.  Clyburn says Demint will have to have 59 other votes for that to happen. Sixty votes are required to cut off debate and get to a vote, and there are only 41 Republican Senators.
Clyburn says it’s not likely to happen, for good reason.   He says senators who support a repeal will have a hard time getting re-elected.
(Clyburn on Demint  MP3  1:08)
Clyburn on Demint
House Democrats voted 219-212 for the plan late Sunday. The U.S. Senate passed the measure back in December.
The president plans to travel to Iowa City on Thursday as he begins to try to sell the health care package to the American pulic.