CSI investigator found guilty of evidence tampering

Cass County District Judge Randall Rehmeier today handed down the verdict in the evidence tampering case of Douglas County CSI Chief Investigator David Kofoed. Kofoed was found guilty of one count of tampering with physical evidence.
Two men were jailed for months in Cass County and accused of murdering Wayne and Sharmon Stock of rural Murdock in 2006. That stemmed from a speck of blood Kofoed claimed he found in the car of one of the two suspects. The blood belonged to one of the victims. Kofoed argued the finding was a case of cross contamination and it was an accident.
Prosecutors argued that Kofoed planted the DNA evidence in the vehicle. Kofoed stated when he left the courtroom that he could not comment on the case.
Kofoed’s attorney, Steve Lefler stated that verdict was like “being kicked in the stomach”. He stated he and Kofoed would take time to figure out what will happen next. An appeal is almost certain.
Kofoed could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.