Clyburn: Republicans should stop outbursts like "baby killer" (Audio)

The person who shouted out “baby killer” during Sunday night’s health care debate has been identified.
As Representative Bart Stupak, a Democrat known for his anti-abortion stance, addressed the floor denouncing a measure to kill the deal which he had previously struck for the president to issue an order stating that no federal funds would pay for abortions. At that point a voice shouted out “baby killer.”
Texas Republican Randy Neugebauer stepped up Monday and admitted that it was he who shouted, but he said that he actually said “It’s a baby killer” referring to the health care plan. Neugebauer apologized to Stupak.
House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a Democrat, says such behavior should not happen and it’s up to GOP leadership to stop it.  Clyburn says it’s Republicans, not Democrats, who are guilty of inappropriate outbursts in the House.
South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson became well known for shouting out “You lie” during the State of the Union speech last year.  Clyburn says he’s not recommending for Neugebauer to be admonished as he did for Wilson. 
(Clyburn on outbursts  MP3  1:16)
Clyburn on outbursts