Mexican gang members arrested in the upstate

The Spartanburg County Sheriffs Office along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) announced today that 19 people were arrested over the weekend as part of “Operation Community Shield-Spartanburg” The operation targeted known members of street gangs that had outstanding warrants. Sheriff Chuck Wright said now there are gang members and leaders who can’t talk to youth in Spartanburg, Greenville, Cherokee, Laurens and Union Counties, flashing around money and drugs. 
Wright said 14 out of the 19 have been turned over to ICE and will be deported. Assisting in the operation were deputies from the Greenville and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Offices along with USC-Upstate police and SLED. The USC-Upstate authorities were involved due to the closeness of gang activity to the university campus.
The gangs represented included quite an assortment: The S-S-L or South Side Locos; also SUR 13, a Southern California Gang with ties to the Mexican Mafia; Nortenos 14, a Northern California Gang formed in Folsom Prison to counter SUR 13; 18th Street, a Los Angles gang which is a collection of 20 different individual gangs in the LA area; and the gang 3-V-L. All of those arrested are from Mexico with the exception of two who are from Guatemala.