Heineman says tax increases would be a job killer

Governor Dave HeinemanWith many states looking at combination of spending cuts and new revenue to solve budget problems, Nebraska’s Governor Friday reiterated his disdain for tax increases.
Following a Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce lunch, Governor Dave Heineman said increasing taxes would hurt the state’s economy.
“For me I’m opposed to any tax increase, that doesn’t make sense, a tax increase is a job killer.  A tax increase doesn’t do anything for job creation and what we need to do is grow revenue by creating jobs, so I’m gonna focus on lowering taxes when we have the opportunity, we probably don’t right now, but certainly increasing taxes is inappropriate and it’s very, very, difficult on families.”
State lawmakers last week advanced a plan to deal with a projected $45 million shortfall, including 2% acrossthe board agency budget cuts and tapping the state’s reserve fund.
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