Governor asked about abortions during conference call

Omaha Senator Jeremy Nordquist OmahaGovernor Dave HeinemanAs has been reported this week, a bill to provide state money to help with the prenatal care of illegal immigrants did not go to a vote. Sponsor Lincoln Senator Kathy Campbell moved to have the bill bracketed saying there just wasn’t enough support in the legislature to override a Gubernatorial veto. The legislature supported her move, meaning no debate. The Governor was asked by a reporter from the Associated Press if there are confirmed reports of abortions taking place and continue to take place if he would change his position on the bill.
“I’m not going to speculate, but I think that question would be better directed to the legislature. I noticed in the paper, Senator Nordquist wants to say that he thinks the legislature should do something. Senator Nordquist sat by when there was unanimous consent to withdrawal the bill.”
The Nebraska Radio Network asked Senator Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha for a response.
“It’s unfortunate that the Governor wants to point fingers at this issue. Right now, he could solve this problem administratively, but each day that goes by increases the likelihood that there will be more abortions in our state, and as a pro-life Governor he needs to step in and say we need to do something about this, in the legislature, on the issue of withdrawing the bill, it’s common practice to allow someone to withdraw their own bill without fighting them, that’s just precedence that’s been set, so that’s what I did, but now in the last few days that we’ve seen more abortions because this legislation has not passed, it’s important that we step in and do something and the Governor should be a part of that.”
The Governor has said that he hopes private charities will step up to the plate and help.
Below is audio from the Governor’s Conference call. 
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Affiliate KLIN asked which charities will be helping the pregnant illegal immigrants.
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