Nelson to discuss roads, highways, and bridges

U.S. Senator Ben Nelson will be in Nebraska later this month to meet with officials on all levels to discuss roads, highways and bridges.
“On March 30, I am going to convene a Transportation Summit in Lincoln bringing together federal, state and local officials to discuss Nebraska roads issues.”
Senator Nelson says good roads, bridges and highways are essential to Nebraska’s success.
“A road building funds are at short supply in all levels of government and the cost of projects continue to rise so we need to make sure that road funds are available in Nebraska and are spent on appropriate projects just as soon as possible. The projects are a great benefit to our state. They put Nebraskans to work, provide safety and foster much needed economic development in our rural and urban communities.”
Senator Nelson says it is time to clear the air about projected projects and what needs to be done where.
“My goal is by meeting and discussing experiences and challenges, we can find ways to drive Nebraska road, highway and bridge projects quicker to construction and completion. Improving our transportation infrastructure is a very high priority for communities from Scottsbluff to Omaha.
Senator Nelson says there has been a lot of confusion on projects and projected projects. This summit will allow everyone to get on the same page.
“From time-to-time, we’ve been hearing this project has been delayed or the lines of communication are clogged over here on other items including questions about stimulus funds. We re hoping this will be an opportunity to clear up any miscommunication and create excellent lines of future communication so roads can and will be built as soon as possible.”
Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez and Senator Deb Fisher, chair of the Nebr. Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee have both agreed to attend and participate in the summit. Members of the Nebr. Department of Roads also have been invited to attend. It will be held in Lincoln at the City Council Chambers. The public is invited to attend.