Clyburn "giddy" over CBO numbers on health care bill

Congressman Jim Clyburn this morning says he is “giddy” over the numbers that say the health care act would help reduce the deficit.
The Congressional Budget office figures say the bill in the House would cut away $130 billion of the federal deficit in the next decade.
Clyburn, as House Majority Whip, has to round up five more votes to pass the bill. He says some members of Congress were waiting to see CBO numbers: “They want to see the numbers, they want to make sure that it’s going to cost what they say it’s going to cost.”
Clyburn is part of the team that released the CBO numbers.  The $940 billion health care overhaul bill  would restructure about a sixth of the nation’s economy, and is promised to provide coverage to more than 30 million people. House Democrats say they expect a vote on health care reform very soon.
“Hopefully this weekend, we’ll have in place the votes that are necessary to pass it. And I’m not thinking about any other scenario. I’m only thinking about passing this bill and I think we’re going to do it,” says Clyburn.