Wilson calls "deem and pass" unconstitutional

A national┬áhealth care restructuring bill is more likely to become law this week. Democrats, and U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, are considering a tactic called “deem and pass,” which would fast-track the Senate bill to a full vote.
Republican Joe Wilson says the move is a smoke and mirrors way for Democrats to avoid taking a tough vote on the Senate version of the healthcare bill: “Sadly, for the American people it violates the Constitution. Article one, section seven requires legislation requires the vote of the House and the Senate. They are trying to use a legislative trick, a gimmick. Even the liberal Washington Post today editorialized that it was a dodgy way to reform health care. But, what it achieves is that people who vote for the bill can claim they didn’t vote for the bill,” says Wilson.
Wilson says “deem and pass”┬ásymbolizes the struggle between politics and government.
“And that is between big government, which Mrs. Pelosi promotes, and limited government, that I, Henry Brown, Jim DeMint, and even Lindsay Graham promote. We are for limited government. America has prospered because of limited government, not by big government. This really is a power grab, this is not about health care, it’s about politicians having power over life and death,” says Wilson.