State's largest school district to lose staff

A bleak financial future means reductions in staff at Nebraska’s largest school district.
“We are anticipating that with our current year budget, looking into next year and looking at the next year following that, that we will likely have to reduce some staff.”
Assistant Superintendent at Omaha Public Schools Dennis Poole says some of those layoffs could include teaching positions. There could be many other changes due to lack of funding.
“We certainly intend to keep as much as our instructional programs in place as possible but that means that other programs will be examined as we review all of this in the next few months.”
Poole says these cuts will be necessary due to a drop in federal stimulus dollars.
“Right now that amounts to about 15-percent of the 2010/11 school aid from the state. So even at that, that represents a 26-plus million dollar reduction out of that one revenue source.”
The exact number of layoffs is not yet known or what programs will be eliminated. Some of the cuts will involve already vacant positions and through attrition.