Spratt, House Budget Committee set stage for reconciliation option

South Carolina Congressman John Spratt has been in the midst of working out passage of health care reform. The House Budget Committee was charged with getting the reconcilation bill in shape before sending it to the House Rules Committee.
The Washington Post describes the process called “deem and pass” or the “self-executing rule” and features a photo of Spratt preparing to chair the committee proceedings.  The Budget Committee changes to the health care bill are now in the House Rules Committee. The changes would make the bill more palatable to House members who reject items like the Nelson Nebraska concession.  For instance, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn has vowed to vote against any bill that singles out only one state for benefits.The bill, if it gets to a full Senate vote through reconciliation  requires 51 votes to pass a measure rather than 60. Reconciliation has been used by both parties. President George W. Bush used it to sign some of his chosen tax cuts into law.  Senator Lindsey Graham this weekend called it a “sleazy process.” 
Spratt says that this process has been used 22 times, by his office’s accounting. Clyburn, who is charged with “whipping” up the votes for this bill, says he thinks it will come to a vote this weekend.