House tables Duncan's amendment for history class requirements (Audio)

In their second day of budget debate members of the South Carolina House spent better part of an hour Tuesday afternoon on an amendment that would have required that public school history books contain certain basics of American history. 
It was the idea of Laurens County Republican Jeff Duncan.  House members who spoke against the legislation pointed out that Duncan is running for Congress. Before the amendment was tabled, Duncan said he just wanted to assure that a handful of subjects like Christopher Columbus and the Revolutionary War were included in the history taught in South Carolina schools.

“What we’re seeing around this country are states adopting textbooks that don’t include those things.  Is it wrong for us to say we believe in Thomas Jefferson and his writings, in the Declaration of Independence?  We understand that taxation without representation meant something to our founding fathers, that we fought a war against a tyrannical government in England.  This is not a political stunt.”

Orangeburg Democrat Gilda Cobb-Hunter said it was just an attempt to put revisionist history in the classroom.  She said it was time to stop playing politics with legislation.  

House members had the opportunity Tuesday evening to take a dinner break with officials from the Boeing Corporation. They regrouped at 7:30 p.m. and work on the budget into the night.  Cobb-Hunter said she knew how Boeing workers and company administration would feel about legislation like Duncan’s.
(Cobb-Hunter and Duncan  MP3  9:20)
Cobb-Hunter and Duncan