Cong. Smith says to scrap health care reform bill

The Senate has passed a 15-billion dollar jobs bill and sent it on to the House. The measure would give tax breaks to companies for rehiring workers. Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith, a Republican from Gering, says he doesn’t think Congress is committed to economic recovery.
Smith says, “If we were serious about job creation, we would drop the health care bill and move to other more pro-growth initiatives relating to health care, making sure people have access, and really using the tools Congress has to address cost containment.”
There are also other bills lurking that could be job killers, he says. “Another way to ensure stability in the economy is to drop this Cap and Trade bill,” Smith says. “It’s deliberately making energy more expensive with the hope of a social agenda outcome. It is scaring employers and tossing some money their way through tax credits and so forth really I don’t think is a good way to go.”
Smith says there is no timeline yet for the House to debate the jobs bill.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton