DeMint and Graham top Tea Party lists, pro and con

For some super-conservative Americans, Sen. Jim Demint is their cup of tea.  Sen. Lindsey Graham and his mentor Sen. John McCain are not.
National online magazine polled Tea Party leaders across the U.S. and the results reflect our discussions with local spokesmen.  This is not surprising as Graham has long been the target of, a S.C.-based site targeting “Republicans in name only.”
Yet, Tea Party members we have spoken to describe themselves as a separate party. State GOP leaders have worked to forge a relationship with these same groups, to keep conservative ideals under the same umbrella. That is what has to happen says Tea Party hero, Demint.
Demint, on a “Conservative Comeback” fundraising tour in South Carolina for Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida, says he wants to work within Republican ranks. He says he is courting conservative U.S. Senate candidates who share his ideals so that he “can do the work that South Carolinians sent him to the Senate to do.”
(Listen to excerpt of DeMint interview with SCRN’s Ashley Byrd MP3  3:40)
Listen to excerpt of DeMint interview with SCRN’s Ashley Byrd MP3 3:40