New Myrtle Beach boardwalk may include tram

(Reported by Matt Long, SCRN)
Tourist attraction plans are “up in the air” for one of South Carolina’s biggest tourist cities.
Officials from Myrtle Beach’s Downtown Redevelopment Corporation proposed an idea to build a tram, which would resemble a horizontal ski lift, along the city’s oceanfront. A board discussion was postponed last week to give members more time to consider the plan.
The proposal calls for the tram to run along a new boardwalk, but also looks at building a closed gondola along Ninth Avenue to connect the train depot to Ocean Boulevard. Proponents hope the tram will reduce traffic by giving tourists another way to get to the beachfront.
The mile-long boardwalk is scheduled to be completed before the start of summer. Myrtle Beach is hoping the boardwalk will become the new center of the Grand Strand’s famous oceanfront.