NSAA bill fails to be voted on – will not be rescheduled

A legislative proposal requiring more transparency from the Nebraska School Activities Association is being killed by a vote of the legislature. Sponsor Lincoln State Senator Bill Avery says the legislature should be behind this bill to guarantee transparency in the organization.
“And this is one of those times where I think we are moving into an area that we don’t need to move into. There may be other things that we have regulated, other things that we have applied open meetings laws too that are in some way (similar) to this entity, but they are also different from this entity.”
Avery complains that larger districts like Lincoln and Omaha are not represented as they should be proportionately. NSAA Executive Director Jim Tenopir wants such issues taken care of internally. Senator Avery says that the NSAA has already had one hundred years to get it right. Senator Scott Lautenbaugh of Omaha says this is not an issue for the legislature to deal with.
The bill failed to get first round approval.