Clemson engineering students work on long-term solutions for Haiti (Audio)

Haiti President Rene Preval met with President Barack Obama and Congress this week to discuss Haiti’s most-pressing needs. Relief workers and U.S. government officials say that Haiti is far from recovered after an earthquake January 12 crumbled the country’s infrastructure. The Haitian government estimates that 230,000 died because of the disaster.

Students on road to Cange

A team of Clemson University civil engineering students are working in that troubled island over the next week.  They will be working in Cange, a remote village two hours from Port-au-Prince.They are prepared for that they might face because they were helping Haiti before the quake hit.
Adam Delk is a graduate  student and we talked to him Friday about the trip made by Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries.
(Adam Delk explains their long-term work in Cange MP3 2:47)
Adam Delk explains their long-term work in Cange MP3 2:47
Clemson civil engineering students Stanley Mack, Tripp West, David Lowe and Adam Delk will work in Cange until March 16. The students will inspect construction work on a dam in Cange and will meet with the leaders of an Italian construction company charged with re-building a national highway in the village.