BBB warns about door-to-door magazine sales

The Better Business Bureau is warning Nebraskans to use caution when doing business with door-to-door magazine salespersons. BBB’s Jim Hegarty says there have been a number of complaints from an Omaha based company “All Can Succeed”.
Customers have purchased magazines but they have not been delivered as promised. Customers are also having a very difficult time in canceling their order. Hegarty says the door-to-door sales person is usually a college-aged person who gives potential customers a sob story on how they are trying to earn money to pay their way through college. He adds many times these younger people are not even in college.
The BBB has received complaints about “All Can Succeed” from customers in California and Georgia as well but regarding the industry as a whole, they have received complaints from customers in 48 states.
Hegarty says many customers never get the magazines they have paid for and the sellers provide false addresses that make it impossible to get a refund.