Vic Rawl announces US Senate bid (Audio)

Vic Rawl in Columbia Monday

Vic Rawl, former state legislator, judge, prosecutor and current member of Charleston County Council opened his U.S. Senate campaign with a day-long tour Monday. Rawl began in North Charleston and then preceded to Columbia, where he held a press conference at the Democratic Party headquarters.  Rawl concluded his announcement with appearances at the Spartanburg and Greenville County Democratic Party Conventions Monday evening.
(Rawl in Columbia  MP3  3:14)
Rawl in Columbia
Rawl is contending for Republican Senator Jim Demint’s seat, vying for the Democratic nomination against Mike Ruckes of Summerville.
The 64-year-old Rawl grew up on John’s Island, graduated from the College of Charleston, and was an officer in the National Guard for 26 years, serving as a Judge Advocate. He retired as a Lt. Colonel. Rawl was in private law practice between 1973 and 1986. Rawl served eight years in the South Carolina House, and served as a Circuit Court Judge between 1991 and 2003. He served as Special Master to oversee cases resulting from the Graniteville train wreck. Rawl came out of retirement to serve on Charleston County Council in 2008.

Rawl said that the state and nation are facing almost insurmountable problems.  Rawl says he’s a strong capitalist but he disagrees with Senator Jim Demint’s position on free trade.

If you follow the theory out on free trade, you end up with one person owning it all.  That’s not the way I believe small business wants to function and I don’t believe that corporations believe it’s the way they should function.  If his definition of freedom is large, multi-national corporations to basically take it all, then I have a problem with his definition. 

Rawl said that the $3.7 million in Demint’s campaign coffers is more than he(Rawl) will have access to, but that the real issue is that he(Rawl) is not be beholden to Demint’s contributers.
Rawl says his campaign is about problem-solving, and that it’s time for political leaders to remember the golden rule and to work together.
Rawl says he believes in the health care bill.  He said that it’s a tremendous effort which can be amended as necessary, but that it’s important to get one in place. 
And Rawl says he believes in bipartisan support, which he says got him elected to the Statehouse four times.