SC House member to recommend re-using school construction plans (Audio)

Legislation may be coming before a House subcommittee this week that at least one lawmaker says could save $212 million dollars in education construction costs over a period of only a few years.
Anderson County Republican Don Bowen is drawing up the bill that would mandate the purchase of uniform school architectural plans, which he says could be modified for specific locations. Bowen says if the state owned school plans and used them over again, it would save big bucks.
Bowen says the state has spent $212 million in architectural plans in a period of less than three years. Bowen says considering financing costs over decades, that figure would amount to $1.8 billion dollars.
(Bowen on school plans  MP3  1:35)
Bowen on school plans
But doesn’t this sound like pretty bad news for architects who build schools?  Bowen says he doesn’t mean to offend architects, and mentioned that they could direct their talents to areas other than schools.  Bowen says under his plan schools would have various design options.  Bowen says he knows the uniform plans method has been tried by the state of Florida.