Rex talks to faculty about school cuts

State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex held an on-line meeting with South Carolina educators Monday to discuss current and pending budget cuts.
Rex says it’s the worst funding situation he has heard of. After this year’s cuts, the revenue will returned to the level where it was in 1995.
Rex says the positions of around 1400 teachers have already been cut out, as of this year, so that may ease the impact.  He says 113 positions have already been eliminated from the Department of Education’s administration.

If the budget goes through we could be talking about doubling that or even more.  At the Department of Education we’re taking a much larger percentage of cuts than the districts themselves.  Cuts have been about 45 percent over the last two years.  And historically, half of our staff on the state level are in the bus shops, to keep the state’s 6000 school buses moving.  It’s the oldest fleet in America, and it’s hard to reduce the number of bus mechanics.


The South Carolina House will begin budget debate next week, and discuss cutting $104 million dollars from state government, including education.
Monday’s meeting the fourth virtual faculty meeting which Rex has held since he has been in office.