Prenatal bill advances from committee, only one no vote

Senator Gwen Howard OmahaAll but one member of the Health and Human services committee has voted to advance a bill to the floor for debate that would provide prenatal care for illegal immigrants. The federal government has stopped funding the care. Senator Gwen Howard of Omaha says you should forget about the persons status and think about the life of the child.
“I think that if there is any way that we can ensure a baby is born healthy, we have an obligation to do that.”
Senator Dave Pankonin of Louisville was the lone no vote on the committee, but says he does care about the babies.
“I am concerned about that aspect, and I think that there well be many groups that will come forward if we don’t do this.  As the Governor said, I think there will be efforts to help those folks.”
The Governor says if the bill passes, he will not sign it.