National poll: No clear leader of the pack for governor (Audio)

It’s three months from the governor’s race primaries and South Carolinians who are likely to take interest in the primary are not taking keen interest yet.
That’s according to national non-partisan pollster Scott Rasmussen, who Monday and Tuesday released new numbers on both Democrats and Republicans running for South Carolina governor.
Rasmussen says polling for both the Republican and Democratic primary show that both races are “very unformed. He says, “No clear front-runners and in fact, the leader of the pack on both sides is not sure. That means a long way to go until June 8, before we get a sense of who is likely to be the nominees.”
Rasmussen says 29 percent of likely Republican primary voters remain undecided. To avoid a runoff, a candidate needs to win 50% of the primary vote.
For the GOP,  he says, “Attorney General Henry McMaster has a slight lead–and I want to emphasize slight lead. Congressman Barrett, state Representative Nikki Haley and Lt. Gov. Bauer are all within 10 points of the lead. So it’s really a little bit of a toss-up when you have a multi-candidate field and all the candidates are within 10 points, it is very difficult to identify where the race might be headed.”
For the Democrats, State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex and State Senator Vincent Sheheen are tied at 16 percent apiece.  Rasmussen analyzes that by saying, “I tend to be cautious when I look at these numbers. Mainly because when the front-runners are at 16 percent and “not sure” is twice that at 37 percent, it’s hard to really say that somebody’s on top.”
Rasmussen says the numbers — for both parties– are abnormally low.
(Listen to Rasmussen’s analysis MP3 1:12)
Listen to Rasmussen’s analysis MP3 1:12
New Jersey-based Rasmussen Reports is an independent national public opinion company.