H1N1 virus quiet but not gone (Audio)

It’s been almost a year since the state’s first outbreak of the H1N1 virus and in late winter the numbers are down in South Carolina.
But this novel strain of the flu has not gone away. State epidemiologist Jerry Gibson says because it is new, it is less predictable. But he is certain that it will resurge, but he is uncertain as to when.
(Ashley Byrd interview the Dr. Gibson MP3 2:53)
Dr. Gibson discusses Spring swine flu outlook MP3
Gibson says that the state, like the nation, has seen a drop on the regular seasonal flu as well. That happens – historically- when pandemic viruses occur.
It was last year at this time that students brought the swine flu back from Spring Break. There may be better news this year, says DHEC’s Gibson, because he says colleges have done what he calls a “pretty good job of protecting students.”