Free colon cancer test kits available

Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the U-S and early detection is the key to survival. Mike Lefler is a spokesman with the American Cancer Society in Nebraska and he says a non-evasive test kit can help in the early detection of polyps within your digestive system.
More that 106-thousand new cases of colon cancer were diagnosed in the U-S last year and the lifetime risk of developing colon cancer is about 1 in every 19 people. Survival rate is excellent if it is caught early, which isn’t the case. If it is caught early, there is a 90-percent survival rate but that only happens 40-percent of the time.
Through the month of March, free test kits are available to anyone over 50-years of age. The free test kits are available at a number of pharmacies and grocery stores across the state.