SC House wants to prohibit wage garnishing of union members (Audio)

South Carolina House members have taken up a measure that would tighten the state’s right-to-work status by stopping labor unions from taking union dues from workers’ paychecks without their permission.
Charleston Republican Chip Limehouse says the state having restrictions on unions is a good thing, as evidenced by Boeing locating here, to the dismay of unions in the state of Washington.
After lengthy opposition from Democrats, Republicans adjourned debate on the legislation until next week.
Orangeburg Democrat Gilda Cobb-Hunter said the legislation is to fix a problem that doesn’t exist and she called it another union-bashing bill. 
(Cobb-Hunter on unions  MP3  2:45)
Cobb-Hunter on unions
Cobb-Hunter says that less than five-percent of the state’s population belong to labor unions, making it one of the least unionized states in the Union.  She said that auto-maker Henry Ford supported organized labor because he wanted people to be able to buy his cars, including those who made them.