Plenty of unclaimed property in the state

The list of those owed money in Nebraska keeps growing. State Treasurer Shane Osborn says they are again releasing an updated unclaimed property list.
“There is going to be over 32-thousand new names representing about 16-million dollars owed to Nebraskans. In all, we have about 80-million dollars in the unclaimed fun. So, this Sunday, the insert goes in and we are excited about people go out there and get their money back.”
Osborn says this updated list includes names that have recently been added.
“All the names that have been report to us in the last year will be listed in the paper so if they don’t see their name there, they need to get on our website at and do a search or give us a call at 471-2455.”
The list will be inserted in Sunday editions of newspapers statewide. Osborn says the amount of unclaimed property can range from a dollar on up.
“We’ve found unclaimed property in excess of $600 thousand and the average claim is 800-dollars so that is a pretty good amount.”
The unclaimed property can come from security and utility deposits, stocks, bank accounts and safety deposit boxes. The list of names is updated on a regular basis.