McMaster gives update on Sanford investigation

Gov Sanford at '09 press conference addressing ethics chargesSince November, the State Ethics Commission has continued an on-going investigation on Governor Mark Sanford for his alleged use of state taxpayers money for personal use. The Commission charged the governor on 37 charges where they said he violated state ethics laws.
The state’s top prosecutor, Attorney General Henry McMaster, has “carefully” investigation the governor. He gives this update: “The Ethics Commission has not made their final decision, yet. As you know, they have issued a report and made 37 allegations of possible ethical violations. I had asked them to look into it, so they sent me a report at the end of the year. They are planning to have a hearing to go over all of those at some point,” says McMaster.
McMaster says his job is to go through each of the 37 charges to see if there are any criminal violations, which is separate from the Ethics Commission’s investigation.
“Which is a different standard. It would involve the same acts, but a different standard and different levels of proof. So, I’ve been going through that very carefully, and hope to be finished with it before long. So, that’s two things left to happen on that. One is the Ethics Commission and the other is a criminal consideration,” says McMaster.
McMaster is also one of the 2010 gubernatorial candidates. He assures this investigation is not creating conflict with his run for governor.
“My plan is to do the job I was elected to do and we are going to follow all the rules, the standard procedures and do it right,” says McMaster.