Graham: Moving 9-11 suspects to military court is a good start

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is glad to hear that the president’s advisors may recommend military prosecution for Khalid Sheikh Mohammad of the 9/11 attacks. Graham has been fighting the White House on this issue for months.
“To people on the right, who espouse torture and doing away with the Geneva Convention, that hurts the war effort. There’s a better way and I think Khalid Sheikh Mohammad being brought back into military trial is a good start to find a way forward,” says Graham.Senator Graham appeared on Fox News on Friday from Washington. His office issued a statement saying that closing Guantanamo Bay safely is in U.S.  national security interests. This is a view shared by former President Bush and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
“You would not be able to close Guantanamo Bay by simply putting Khalid Sheikh Mohammad back into military court. You would have to have a legal system that allows the 48 people who the administration says are too dangerous to let go to have a statute that would deal with that situation, give them due process but recognize that under military law, they could be held without trial, ” Graham says.
He says shifting this 9-11 terror suspect to military trial still does not address his concerns that Congress and the Obama Administration should work together to create a legal system to deal with all of the problems related to the war on terror.