Minor in possession bill moves forward

Minors caught in possession of alcohol will receive more than a fine under a bill moving forward on second round from Senator Jon Harms of Scottsbluff. He says the current fine only for breaking the law is not enough and his bill adds the penalty of taking away driving privileges. Senator Russ Karpisek of Wilbur, had wanted to add illegal drugs to the list of substances not allowed under the bill, but says he doesn’t want to harm the current efforts. Senator Norm Wahlman of the Beatrice area says taking away driving privileges could lead to other problems.
“I did an interview a highway patrolman, he says please don’t pass the bill.  This is a patrolman in my district. He was afraid of chases and things like this.”
Harms says kids are using the current fine and citation as a badge of honor and thinks taking away their licenses will make kids think twice before drinking.