Woman allegedly starves dog, leaves out in the cold

An Omaha woman accused of starving her German Shepherd to death and leaving him outside in the brutal cold for two weeks waved her right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday morning. The case of Yolanda Glover (glove-er) is now headed for trial. Mark Langan with the Nebraska Humane Society says felony charges are warranted in this case. 
“The investigation shows she put the dog out in the doghouse and moved out for two weeks, simply abandoning the dog, not feeding the dog or providing proper shelter.”
The dog was found frozen to death inside an un-insulated dog house. The dog had no food or water for weeks.
“Very few cases get charged with felony animal cruelty so that shows this is a serious situation. The dog did suffer and did starve to death.”
Langan says Glover had been in trouble with the dog before.
“She had been cited back on November 19th of 2009 for not having that dog licensed or vaccinated. That is part of the evidence in this case is that she owned the dog back in November and we found the dog dead in January.”
Glover could face five years in prison if convicted however rarely animal cruelty cases involve jail time.