DNA testing of all felons now law – Bruning responds

Lawmakers passed a bill that now requires all convicted felons and those on probation to complete DNA testing. Currently, those felons convicted of sex crimes and murders must provide a DNA sample to keep on file. The law requires felons to pay for the testing. The law will take effect later this year.
Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning applaudes the bill.Attorney General Jon Bruning
“This is a critical bill because it expands the state’s collection of DNA samples to include everyone convicted of a felony including those in prison right now and those on parole.”
Attorney General Bruning tells us that by expanding the DNA database, law enforcement will have an even stronger tool to help identify suspects. Bruning says that as we’re seen recently in Beatrice, this law will also help eliminate people as suspects. DNA evidence cleared six people in the 1985 murder of a Beatrice woman and pointed to another suspect.