Osborne testifies for liquor control bill

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom OsborneThe Judiciary Committee is considering a bill that would add Nebraska to a long list of states that have a Dram Shop Law. That law requires the bar to have liability insurance. If someone drinking at the bar, leaves drunk and then injures or kills someone, the bar could be liable. University of Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne had a friend killed by a drunk driver and is testifying in support of the bill.
“The woman who killed Mr. Cowen had been drinking for an extended period of time in a bar, left the bar intoxicated, and killed Mr. Cowen in a head on crash. Had the crash occurred in Iowa Michelle and Anna Joe could have recovered damages from the bar as Iowa could have recovered damages from the bar as Iowa has a dram shop law.”
The wife and daughter of Osborne’s friend approached him and asked that he testify in front of the committee. Opponents of the bill have said personal responsibility should play a part.