State Senator Rogert Hit by car

Senator Kent RogertSenator Kent Rogert of Tekahmah was struck by a car turning from one lane onto a one way during rush hour Monday night. Rogert says he was just walking along when he got hit.
“I was crossing the street downtown about a block from the Capitol yesterday in the crosswalk with the walk sign and a friend of mine hollered my name and I turned around to look and say hi, and the next thing I know I was flying through the air and I hit the pavement about six to eight feet away from there.”
Rogert then landed on his head. At first, he refused to be taken to a hospital, but was later taken to the hospital by 4 colleagues. Even though Rogert had a black eye, four broken bones in his face and a sore right leg, he was in the legislature this morning.
Rogert will continue to be in the legislature while he recovers.
Thanks to Bill Dickson, KHUB, Fremont