First-look at candidate filings

Springfield News-Leader news hound Chat Livengood has a first-look at those filing for state office this morning:

“There’s no advantage for showing up early to file. Candidates who file today are entered into a lottery for their spot on the ballot.

The most closely watch race today will be candidates filing to run in the open 7th District congressional district. Seven Republican candidates have declared their intention to seek the seat being vacated by Rep. Roy Blunt, who is running for Senate.

Given that we love all things (well, “most” things) blog-related here at, it’s nice to see Chat getting this up so quickly. Seems like only yesterday we would have had to wait a while for this kind of news. I’m sure Chad (and others) will do longer pieces for their respective… what do we call ’em now? “Media Outlets?” But we’re all better served by this timely update.

And the dashing @tonymess was twittering up and down the line of candidates this morning as they waited to file. I call your attention to the Twitter widget in the top left corner of this page.

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