Christensen says focus needs to be more on state issues

Nebraska legislators have approved a bill that would block taking money from corn and grain check off funds to help get money for a state water fund.  The money would have raised millions for management of water issues dealing with the Platte and Republican River basins.  Senator Mark Christiensen of Imperial says it’s wrong to take from other check off funds.  During the discussion, he criticized the legislature’s support for local projects when water is a state issue.
“I know we’re going to look at a bill that was prioritized to look at spending on another arena, a third one (those) are city issues, and we’re looking at state dollars here!  I don’t understand that talk and that direction.”
Supporters of the bill say taking away check off dollars from some funds, defeats the whole purpose of the check off funds.  Supporters of blocking the transfer of funds say they will come up with the money elsewhere.