Senator looks at thinning the herd

There is a problem with too many deer roaming the state and damaging crops. That’s according to Senator Scott Lautenbaugh of Omaha who says millions of dollars of crop damage is done every year and his bill would allow special hunting seasons to allow more time and encourage more hunters to thin out the herd.
“I know that in my particular part of the state Game and Parks was looking at a 25% reduction in the deer herd over the next three years.¬† In my particular area where I think it is the worst they’ve predicted to get that done in two years, and in the next¬† and I’m looking forward to them doing just that.”
Lautenbaugh says landowners will be encouraged to allow hunters on their land as killing the deer can prevent a major loss in crops. The Senator also notes the savings to all of us in vehicle damage as less deer would be wandering in the road. The bill is expected to be debated on the floor later this session.