14 year old frostbitten after five mile walk to school

A 14 year old Omaha Public middle school student suffered a case of frostbite Thursday. District spokesperson Luanne Nelson says the boy arrived at his usual bus stop and the bus wasn’t there.
“We are not sure if he missed the bus or actually came out of the house before the bus got there.”
The student then took matters into his own hands. Instead of waking up his mother, he decided to walk the five miles to school on his own. Nelson says the staff was shocked when they saw his condition.
“Staff noticed he seemed very, very cold. She was shivering. The school nurse was called in and she was concerned about his condition.”
Nelson says an ambulance was called and he was taken to Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.
“He was a little frostbit. They are taking care of him. They wrapped him in thermal blankets and his injuries are not life-threatening and he is going to be fine.”
The teen is now out of the hospital and a full recovery is expected.