Future of horse racing industry in the state looks bleak

Senator Russ Karpisek of Wilbur’s bill that would have create d a constitutional amendment allowing Nebraskans to bet on horse races that are happening in remote locations failed to pass the first round of voting and is now dead.
“By losing the race track at the state fair, it is imperative to the future of horse racing that Lincoln has a competitive track and additional horse racing revenue would help that become a reality.”
Horse racing brings in 29 million dollars to Nebraska and employs 25-hundred people. It was expected off track betting could bring in an additional six million dollars. That hope is no longer alive.
Senator John Harms of Scottsbluff says more gambling in the state hurts families.
“Five locations, 500 potential bars or whatever it might by and they all want it, you have just expanded a business that were saying and debating isn’t going to happen, it is going to happen colleagues and I don’t think it’s the right think to do!”
Senator Beau Mccoy of Omaha says adding Off Track Betting in the state could have severely hurt the Keno industry.
Karpisek says he has no idea what is next for the horse racing industry in Nebraska.