Supreme court hears State fair case

The man claiming it’s against the law to move the State Fair from Lincoln to Grand Island had his day before the State Supreme court. Roger Yant is fighting even though construction is already underway for this year’s first State Fair in Grand Island. Yant says there is one thing he would like to know.
“If we were to come out and win this case what the University and the state will tell the taxpayers how much money they spent and what they are going to do about it.”
The decision to move the State fair makes way for Innovation campus to be built in Lincoln by the University of Nebraska.
A confident Grand Island Senator Mike Gloor does not seem worried that the State Supreme court is mulling over testimony on whether or not the State Fair should stay in Lincoln or move to Grand Island.
“It isn’t the nature of the Legislature and it isn’t the nature of the people of Grand Island anyway to sit down and wait until all the nay sayers finally have their way so we moved forward and are excited about it and I think we’re going to have success.”
Gloor says if the Supreme Court does decide against the move, there would be some legal wrangling coming from the people of Grand Island.