School shooting leads to caution

Monday’s shooting death of a Benson High School student in Omaha apparently fueled rumors today at North High School. Omaha Public School’s spokesperson Luanne Nelson says that shooting may have fueled a flurry of rumors.
“We have student’s texting each other. Texting the media. Texting their parents. Some parents have come to school to pick up their children.”
Nelson reassures parents and the public that the school is safe and there are extra staff and police officers at the building.
“We have extra OPS personnel on site and there is also a police presence on site all day.”
Nelson says about 100 students at the school were pulled today after the text message rumors begin flying.
“None of the rumors have been verified. We know that the Omaha Police Department has checked into every single rumor and none have been verified so we certainly don’t want that to get out of control.”
Nelson is unsure what is being circulated.
“I don’t know what the rumors were specifically but it appears that the recent violence and recent activity occurring in the city may have something to do with the rumors.”
Just last week, a North High student tried to bring a loaded shotgun into the building.
Monday, 15 year old Everett Williams, a sophomore at Benson High School was waiting for a bus after school when he was killed in a drive by shooting.